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Knowing that you are a serious marketer I simply had to share with you some very interesting information. If you are also a pet lover then this is for you even more so.

You are well aware of flea and tick problems – our eternal enemies and how much money every pet owner spends to eliminate them. Chemical companies make billions because they had no competition and despite the fact that these chemicals seriously damage pets’ health, the owners didn’t have any other choice.

Now, there is a new product on the market that blew me away. A metal tag which repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with 96,67% effectiveness, doesn’t use any chemicals (100% safe) and protects pets for an entire 4-year period. Imagine – fasten a tag to a dog’s collar and forget about fleas and ticks for 4 years!

This company already sold over 30 million tags all over the world and it is very well accepted in Florida (probably because of the humidity and tick problems you have over there). It is effective in repelling all kinds of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes and versus popular chemical products, it can be used on newborn pups, pregnant and ill animals.

Additionally, owners are aware of negative effects of chemical products on their pet’s health and
there’s a global movement of going green and natural. It’s a great money saver as well (costs 20 times less than what owners spend for 4 years on traditional treatment).


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The business side of this project is extremely attractive so here is an invitation to become a Distributor, but at the Senior Level. Much easier than common trading. In terms of profitability, there’s nothing like it on the global market (it’s competition-free), you can sell it all over the world, with the company (producer) delivering the product to your customers. So, all you have to do is contact a pet owner or breeder, recommend them the product and send them to your personal website (which you’ll receive from the company as soon as you join).

Once your contacts visit your site, they place the order, pay with their Credit Card, the company delivers to their home within 3 days, and then pays you out your profit (which goes from $12 to $24 per each sale, depending on the package you choose to join with).

Then, listen to this: you not only resell the product, but also subscribe your own sub-distributors (sell the franchise), and earn a rising residual income on their product and franchise sales, as well as on results their sub-distributors make, and so on, and so forth…

This is a very serious long-term profit we are talking about, as stated in my post, there are no shortcuts, you have to work at it. But then, if you were not serious you would not have read this far. With your circle of influence, I can only imagine the level of success you will reach. I believe that this project could be a perfect business for you which won’t take much of your time but can generate some serious income. Of course, I am already in. There are some excellent strategies for breeders and other pet professionals that I would like to introduce you to, but it would be best if you hear it from a pro.

I have the pleasure of working with a top company’s manager, a woman who has many sub-distributors in her team. She is extremely busy, but agreed to have a call with you if you are open to it. I would strongly recommend that you have a call with her if you are open to the whole idea.

Here’s the link for my affiliate website, please take a look when you have the time:


I am looking forward to your reply and hopefully start a successful business cooperation.


Michael Lambadarios Senior Manager




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