Pets as a Surprise Gift

Pets as a Surprise Gift

It is fast approaching Christmas 2015 as I write this. The giving of pets as a surprise gift always increases not just at Christmas, but around many other holiday periods. This is often a misguided decision, as often although given with the best intensions no thought was given as to whether the recipient of the “gift” really wanted a pet.


Even in cases where it has been discussed and the pet at the time was wanted it becomes a different matter when people return to work after the holiday period and the realisation sets in that the pup or kitten is now going to have to be left on its’ own for hours on end and a pet was not such a good idea after all.


This is when many of these poor animals that have done nothing to deserve their fate end up being surrendered to the local rescue and they are the lucky ones. In many instances they are just dumped and left to fend for themselves.


I accept that sometimes they have been bought on impulse, again never a good idea. When deciding on a pet please be sure it is the thing to do and you are prepared for the responsibilities of pet ownership, both moral and legal.


shelter dog
Rescue centres do their utmost to re home these animals, but this is more often than not easier said than done. The time some of these animals spend in care is quite often depressing and traumatising for them.


Many of these pets have started to bond with their owners then find themselves discarded and unwanted. This is bad enough, but for the ones that were chosen from a rescue centre how depressing to find themselves back there again.


Fortunately some centres have a policy of not allowing animals to be adopted if they know that it is going to be a gift for another person. This is great as otherwise the number of pets ending up back there for a second time would be much higher.


I have a dog here with me now that I am fostering, who luckily has a home to go to as soon as transport can be arranged. He is a perfect case of an impulse buy.


He was bought from a pet shop as a pup but the owners all worked and before long the neighbours were complaining as he was barking and howling all day until the family returned.

Waterdog 1
Also they gave no thought to the breed as at 10 months old he is as big as a medium sized breed and still growing. On top of which he is a working breed and needs to be taken out 2 or 3 times a day for a good run and I mean a good run. It is no good 10 or 15 minutes here and there, he needs at least a halfhour each time.


Even the ones that have been let down and returned to the shelter on being adopted for a second time still turn in to loving, trusting pets. Not all of them are that lucky and not every centre operates a no kill policy, so quite often their days are numbered.


Please, if you are considering a pet for you and your family give it a great deal of thought. Do your homework, get as much information as possible on the breed you intend to buy or adopt. Be sure that you have the time needed to spend on your chosen pet.


Too many animals end up being surrendered or dumped. Spanish Stray Dogs, where I adopt from and foster for has 300 plus dogs in their care at any given time and I am sure it is the same story with any centre you care to visit.


As I said at the beginning the giving of pets as a surprise gift is not a good idea.


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