Leash Training Dogs That Pull


A few tips for leash training


Does your dog walk well on its’ leash? Leash training dogs that pull is an essential part of dog ownership. I suppose we all know someone, a friend or neighbour that seems to have no trouble at all with their dog, while we end up dodging trees and lampposts or worse still wrapped around the pole of a street sign. What we tend to forget is that quite often it has taken a lot of time, patience and treats to get a dog to that stage where walking it on the leash is a pleasurable experience.


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It is important to get your pet to that stage, not only to make life easier for you but safer for your pet and yourself. If your dog is walking well on its’ leash then it is probably more attentive to you and the commands that you are giving it, making it easier for you to control and direct the walk.


Not only is a dog that pulls a danger to you as a trip or fall risk, there is always the chance that it will break free from your grip and possibly running off and even worse running out into the road and causing an accident.


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Getting your dog competent on the leash is possibly one of the first and most important things in its’ training.


Big or small both you and your dog will benefit from this. It sometimes takes a while but it is time well spent.


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First off, what do you want from him/her? Obviously to stop pulling, but also to walk quietly at your side or slightly behind at heel.


This is where rewards come into the training.


As with most dog training rewards play a big part and help to keep your pet’s mind on the job in hand. First off reward your pet for being positioned you want him/her while out walking.


As it begins to walk at the position near you that you want treats given little and often will help to re enforce this behaviour and keep your dogs attention on you and what you are doing. He/she will spend less time pulling every which way and stay close, if only for the treats at first.


Encourage your dog to follow you.


Still holding the leash take a few steps back from your dog, encouraging it to turn and follow you. As your dog comes to you give words of encouragement and a treat once the move is accomplished. This can be done at various stages on the walk to help getting your pet to do it on command eventually.


Next start doing the same thing in another direction, repeating maybe eight or ten times. This should keep your dog focused and alert to you. Keep encouraging and rewarding throughout the exercise. Eventually your dog will move with you instinctively each time you move.


Practice while out walking.


Keep this up on your regular walks. Whenever your pet looks to you or walks next to you give the reward straight away to maintain the momentum.


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Give rewards often.

Your dog will respond to what you want more quickly with frequent treats for correct actions and learn more quickly and easily. The idea is at the outset to reward often, every half a dozen steps or so if need be. A reward given for every correct action.


In time, as he/she starts to respond instinctively the number of rewards can be reduced until the walk can be completed with only a few rewards needed.


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Additional aids.

It maybe, particularly with an older or rescue dog that pulling is instilled into it as it may have had little or no training. If so you may need to resort to a harness rather than a collar.

Personally I prefer to use a harness all of the time as you have more control over your dog and less chance of them slipping it when pulling.


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Lastly, remember that dog walking is a skill taking time and practice to accomplish as with any skill. Once you have leash training dogs that pull mastered walks with your dog will become a rewarding and pleasurable experience.



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