How to Care for Cats and Kittens.

Cats can make great adopted companions, how to care for cats and kittens you ask ? I’ve listed a few tips below that should help. I have four of my own. Living out in the country as I do they are not only good company, but keep mice, rats and other unwanted creatures out of the house. I can honestly say that apart from the occasional “gift” of a dead mouse or bird they have let nothing into the house.


Before you go rushing out to get one of your own you need to be aware that they are not just a friendly fur-ball, they are not just for petting, also they are generally nice to have around. Although they are pretty independent by nature they do need some care and attention. cat-drinking-milk




Before adopting be sure that you can make room for a new responsibility. That your lifestyle allows you the time to take care of your new friend. Cats need more looking after than some people realise. Although very fastidious in their ways, they do still need to be groomed now and then. Plus highly active and playful younger cats need more attention and interactive play from you.


There are cats available out there, suitable for all lifestyles, whether you work, or are retired, you just need to research well and also get some advice from your local animal adoption society. They are always willing to help and give advice ,and are familiar with the animals in their care, so will know the nature of most of them.


Cat Adoption Team.


Do you or any member have any allergies. This is something well worth finding out before hand. Your own GP or local health centre will be able to help here, with a few simple tests. Even if you or one of your family test positive for an allergy it is still possible to adopt a cat but you will need to be a bit more selective and choose a cat with low allergens. Your vet or local animal shelter will be able to help you here. All is not lost, you will just need to do a bit more homework.


Before you take your chosen pet home be certain to take it for a general check by your vet. If adopting from a rescue centre your cat will normally have been immunized etc., but if the kitten is still too young you will need to undertake to either bring it back to them when it is old enough, or take it to your own vet.



Also pets from rescue centres have usually been neutered, if not you will need to arrange this. It not only avoids unwanted litters of kittens later on, but also can go a long way to stop your cat from spraying your furniture etc.


A litter box and good quality litter is a must. Poorer quality litter tends not to be so absorbent and does not clump so well, which will make it more difficult for you to clean out. In fact you will more than likely end up spending more in the long run as you will need to empty the litter box for a complete change more often.


How to Care for Cats.


Playtime. Cats love to play, it does not take much to amuse a cat, just roll a piece of foil into a ball and they are off. There’s plenty of inexpensive products available such as, feather wands and toy mice, there is a huge choice, more than enough to keep cats active and alert as cats should be.


It is always a good idea to have a pet carrier on hand for the occasional trip to the vet, and again there is a vast selection out there and need not cost too much.


Another worthwhile purchase is a scratching pole. You do not want to come home to your favourite arm chair or settee in shreds. Cats need to get their claws into something now and then so a scratching post could well be a good investment.


Cat Treats. Just like dogs cats are partial to a treat or two, they also make a good tool for help in training and maybe the odd bribe now and then. There is a vast array of treats and it just comes down to finding your cat’s favourite.


With the cost of veterinary care it is always a good idea to get pet insurance. You never know.


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I hope these few tips have been helpful to you. One last thing before you go off to choose your cat, cats have a life span of around twenty years, so if opting for a kitten rather than an older animal, you are going to be together for a long time. I just thought I would throw that in as a lot of people are unaware that cats live that long.


So, off you go now, find your furry friend and have a long and happy time together.

Let me know how you get on via the comment box.

Choose well.

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