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Here are some tips to keeping all hamsters, facts you will need to know if you have decided to keep a hamster . It is essential that you provide it with all that it needs for a health and happiness. It’s basic needs are enough room to run and exercise with plenty of toys, as they can be quite an active animal.


You will need to provide it with a healthy and balanced diet with occasional treats to help give a bit of variation. be aware that they are not always the carefree happy chaps that you see running around in their wheels. You will need to provide a peaceful, quiet area where it can chill out sometimes. Just like us hamsters need a bit of peace and quiet sometimes.




It is advisable to provide as much space as you can, hamsters can be extremely active and need room. Do not skimp on it’s cage size. The minimum recommended size is 12″ wide x 12″ high x 18″ long. I would recommend that you go a size larger, they can’t have too much room.


minimum cage size



Wire cages, converted fish tanks or moulded plastic cages they all make suitable homes for hamsters. My preference is a wire cage as it provides a bigger area for your pet to climb and explore.Be sure whatever your choice your hamsters home has a solid base at least 3 to 5 cm’s deep. It will need to be covered with dust free shavings or some other suitable nesting material or substrate. This needs to be about 6cm’s deep to allow your hamster to dig in it.


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Hamsters love to play, so this is an important part of his or her wellbeing. Wheels are usually the centre of attraction for them, but you will need to provide your pet with more than a wheel. Popular with hamsters are wooden toys that they are able to chew on, it is fun to them and also helps keep their teeth in good condition. Make certain that the toy you choose is made of a wood safe for hamsters. (More on that later).


If you decide to make up any playthings from cardboard then be certain to use a plain cardboard. Nothing coloured or patterned as the inks and glues used in these may contain chemicals harmful to your pet.


in a wheel 2


Wheels for rats are a good size choice for your hamster, plus a hamster ball is another popular toy for them. You can also take him or her out of their cage for periods for you to play and interact with them, making sure that your pet is safe and there are no other family pets in the room with you.


If you are getting a hamster for the first time be aware that they are nocturnal and sensitive to light and high frequency sound. Don’t put he cage in a room where light are frequently going on anf off through the night. All nocturnal animals need the darkness at night. They should also be kept away from sources of ultrasound such as computers and TV sets. I would suggest putting them in another room entirely.


Neither do they like loud noise, so try to keep it to a minimum, moving your pet to another room when you need to vacuum the room it is in.


Regular cleaning of the cage is very important to maintain a healthy pet. Wet or soiled bedding etc. should be removed daily, with a complete clean out every 7 to 10 days is advisable.


Syrian Hamster


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Their main diet consists of pellets or mixed seeds, about a tablespoon full daily. Although being an active species with a quick metabolism it is still possible to over feed them. You can also use treats to supplement your pets’ diet from time to time. Suitable treats are apple, greens or sometimes raisins. You can also use cauliflower but use treats in small amounts. Be sure to remove any uneaten treats so that they don’t go off in the cage.


If you see your pets bowl is empty don’t be fooled into thinking that it has eaten everything and be tempted to give it a bit more. Hamsters do hide food in stashes to go back to later. As with all animals hamsters need a constant supply of fresh water.


Once you have bought your pet you will want to get to know and interact with your pet. Start slowly and have patience, patience being the key. They are small and can be quite timid and things will tend to progress at your pets pace not yours.


in hand


Once your pet is used to you and allows you to handle it with no signs of stress and discomfort it is time for you to set up your play area outside the cage . Now that you have got this far you will begin to have endless hours of fun with your hamster.


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Do not use PINE or CEDAR wood shavings, they contain chemicals that are harmful to your hamster and can cause respiratory problems.


Do not give hamsters too much lettuce as it causes liver problems. In fact in my opinion there are so many greens that are perfectly safe for your hamster I wouldn’t bother giving lettuce at all. Why take chances?


If you are in any doubt consult your vet.

Readers in the USA please take note: The Humane Society says this.
Do you live in Hawaii?


It’s illegal to own pet hamsters in Hawaii. The climate is similar to hamsters’ natural desert habitat, and agricultural and environmental officials have expressed concern that released or escaped hamsters could establish wild colonies and damage crops and native plants and animals.


I would advise American reader to go to the Humane Societies website and read their info on hamsters before making a decision.


Readers in the UK the RSPCA give the following info.


For the same reason I advise US readers to visit their Humane Societies website I recommend UK readers to visit the RSPCA’s website, as owning and caring for a hamster is not as straight forward as it sounds.


It is well worth you visiting the relevant website above as owning and caring for a hamster is not as straight forward as it sounds and you are under certain obligations should you decide to buy one.


Owning and caring for a hamster can be very rewarding, but it is also a big responsibility and a long-term commitment in terms of care. If you own or are responsible for a hamster, even on a temporary basis, you are required under the Animal Welfare Act to care for them properly, so it is essential to learn all hamster facts and keep a happy hamster.




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