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Are you considering a dog or pup for yourself? That’s great! Before you go rushing off to the nearest pet shop, take a moment and consider adopting vs buying. Puppies aren’t the only options. There are many advantages for anyone willing to open their home to an adult dog, depending on the breed and age of the dog. The staff at your local rescue centre or adoption society will be more than willing to help and advise you on your selection.


You will need to consider things such as is there a young child in your home, or an elderly relative that may easily be knocked down and injured by a young and boisterous large breed dog. A good enough reason alone for opting for an older dog as it will be a lot calmer than a pup, having left it’s puppy stage far behind.


Also, by adopting and taking some guidance from rescue/shelter staff usually the dogs in their care have been with them for quite some time and have been health checked, received the medical care needed and have been spayed or neutered. Plus they will have received their vaccinations and tick and flea treatments.


The shelter/centre staff will also have checked them for their behaviour and reactions to different things. For myself I am quite happy to take on a troublesome dog as there are no young children in my home, or indeed within a few kilometre radius of me. So, I am able to take one of these dogs and spend some time working with it to brake it’s bad habits.




One of the main benefits of adopting an adult dog is that they have an established personality, you will know if your dog is one that loves lots of petting and affection or if he/she is a dog that loves to run and play, not all older dogs are quiet. Again be guided by the shelter/centre staff.

Another benefit is that they will not need as much time and attention as a puppy. For example, you will not have to worry as much about leaving your dog home alone while you are at work or out shopping.


You can also choose an adult dog whose personality is more suitable to your own. Do you want a high energy dog with a lot of energy so you can take long walks, go bike riding and other activities that need more energy? Or do you prefer relaxed moments, short walks and then a quiet night of TV and feet up and a cup of your favourite beverage.


Again as I said earlier adopting an adult dog from a shelter ensures they have been spayed or neutered. Having a dog that has already been spayed or neutered is a great way to help with the over- population problems we are facing throughout the world. Last year over a million dogs were euthanized as not every centre has a NO KILL policy.


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Doggy Destruction.

(Less likely with an older dog)


You won’t have to worry about an adult dog creating havoc in your home. Older dogs have usually already gone though their destructive puppy phase, so you will not have to worry about coming home to a Destroyed Home. I am not saying that nothing will get broken as even the best behaved dogs have their moments. I have lost a few favourite pairs of slippers over the years, but to me it is a part of dog ownership and if only an isolated incident can be laughed off.


An adult dog does not need as many time outs as a puppy. When you get a puppy, the puppy is not house trained so you will have to take him/her out several times a day until he/she learns to go outside on their own. A puppy is not able to wait a long time in between using the bathroom because they won’t have much control over their bladder for a few months.


Adult dogs have a longer attention span therefore, they are easier to train than young puppies. Indeed, if the dog you choose was an Owner Surrender there is a good chance that it may already have had at least some basic training and whatever you decide to do later will be easier to teach.


Also there are more adult dogs available for adoption than puppies. Every time I go to my local centre in Los Barrios I see hundreds of adult dogs waiting for their forever home. In comparison to possibly a hand-full of pups that will always get adopted.. It is a sad fact that older dogs quite often are not even considered by prospective adopters when in fact they would quite often be the best choice for them.


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Playtime !


Depending upon the breed you choose, an adult dog is often more suitable for children. They tend to be more tolerant of a child’s rough play and less prone to injury from it, unlike a pup. I know most of my dogs when the grandchildren visit quite enjoy a bit of rough and tumble with them and will let you know when they have had enough. The children are never left alone with the dogs unsupervised.


With adult dog numbers on the increase, adopting from a shelter is literally saving a life. As I have already stated not every rescue centre operates a NO KILL policy. Here in Spain there are a number that cull once the numbers get too high. They call it EL SACRIFICIO!  What a description!


If you can take a moment to look at it from a dog’s perspective, you’ll realize that many dogs become neglected by their owners, or perhaps the owners can no longer take care of them, and have been forced to give up their pets.  All shelters do their best to find homes for their dogs but living in a shelter isn’t the best solution for any animal.


It is neither pleasant or comfortable for a dog in a shelter and can leave dogs depressed and lethargic. This has shown to be the fact with a lot of dogs that I either have adopted or fostered, within days of bringing them home and got them settled in with the dogs I have already, they become a different animal. They become alert and attentive, ready to join in with everything that is going on around them.

shelter dog
If you’ve ever gone to a shelter, you may have noticed when you walk by cage after cage that some dogs become excited, often press their noses up against the cage or try to reach out with their paws. They are almost talking to you eager to be chosen. Others may just sit in a corner and look up with sad eyes, these tend to be the ones that I choose as it is almost as if they have given up on being the one to be taken out of there.


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Consider adopting an adult dog. Take him home and care for him. You’ll soon find that the rewards are endless. With so many breeds and personalities to choose from your bound to find the perfect dog for you. I could talk about this all day, but you need to go and see for yourself. As I said in the About Me page, 5 of my dogs are from the centre in Los Barrios, plus I still foster for them and I have not regretted doing any of it.


In conclusion I seriously ask any of you thinking of getting a dog Please give adoption a chance. Go to your local centre, see what they have there, you may just have a pleasant surprise. If you go down the adoption route and choose an older dog please let me know of your experience in the comment box.


Enjoy your chosen pet ,and thanks for reading this article.


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  1. Tomek
    3 years ago

    Great article! I couldn’t agree more. I have adopted myself.

    • petsadmin
      3 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed the article.
      I have tried to make a good case for adoption.

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