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Hi and Welcome to my website.

Mike from Pets4Life here, just a few words about myself as a short intro to my website.


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Me with some of my family


My aims with this site are to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage adoption from the many rescue centers that are always full to overflowing. For every pet adopted there is always one or more to take its’ place.



My rescue dogs, queueing for their morning treats.


I do keep pets of my own, 9 rescue dogs, 4 cats, all spayed or neutered plus a horse. They all get on reasonably well together.

Not everyone is able to adopt a pet for various reasons. For those that can’t, but would like to help, just a small donation to an animal shelter near you is always welcome.

Most centers are staffed by volunteers who donate their time to the upkeep and wellbeing of the animals. An extra pair of hands is usually welcome either for cleaning out, dog walking and anything else that needs doing such as repairs etc. I am sure that if time is what you are able to donate you will be more than welcome at your local animal shelter.

I support Spanish Stray Dogs where I adopted 5 of my dogs from and I also still foster for them from time to time.

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Thank you to anyone who has made a donation whether it be of time or money to any rescue organisation anywhere. It may not have seemed like much at the time, but without your support many of these organisations would not be able to continue the work that they do.

The free ebooks that I make available are intended as a guide mainly for new pet owners. They are in no way intended to replace vetinary advice etc.





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